Geeky Cross Stitching!

Lord of the Rings Cross Stitch

Lord of the Rings Cross StitchI am a huge crafter. I have a really hard time sitting still when I’m hanging out at my house, and a way that I have found to keep myself busy is cross stitching! I absolutely love it, whether you are trying to find a nice and calm way to deal with stress or you are just looking for something to do; cross stitching can be down right therapeutic and its super cheap and easy to do.

For those of you who are into cross stitching as well, I have accumulated a small collection of specifically geeky cross stitch patterns which are always very fun. Feel free to peruse my selections, and I’ll keep you posted on the ones I have actually completed myself! Me latest project is this beautiful Lord of the Rings specific to your left, and you can find the pattern for it on my Pinterest board here! I’ve massed patterns ranging on everything from firefly to game of thrones. Make sure to follow me 😀

If you want to get started on cross stitching its super super super cheap and I would highly recommend it. the thread is generally about 20 cents a pop and lasts you a long time. The fabric is also around a dollar… If you want a starter kit you can get them at your local craft store or here. If you have questions about cross stitching feel free to ask!


September 23rd, 2015 by