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Does anyone remember when Netflix only allowed you to stream a certain amount of hours of television a month? I do not think I could possibly survive in a world like that anymore. If you are anything like me you have probably spent a few hours, days…. weeks…. (however much time you want to admit) binge watching tv or movies on Netflix. Whether you are just bored or looking for an escape of distraction Netflix is the answer that many of us have been looking for and is always dependable and interesting.

As a chronic binge watcher myself, I know the struggle of looking through the seemingly endless supply of things to watch on Netflix and realizing you’ve basically watched everything you wanted to watch already. Not wanting to go to Hulu and dealing with commercials or paying more for Amazon Prime, it has made me watch shows that I wouldn’t normally seek out on more than one occasion and I have been pleasantly surprised.

For my suggestions on what to watch on Netflix this summer, please visit the links below and reap the benefits of my addiction.

My Favorite Sci-Fi Series.

My Favorite Drama Series.

My Favorite Netflix Originals.

My Favorite British Series.

My Favorite but Unfortunately Cancelled Series.


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AlthIf you are looking to binge watch any British television on Netflix these are some of my favorites that I did not previously mention in the Sci-fi post here.

Sherlock (Currently 3 Seasons on Netflix)

sherlockIf you haven’t already seen Sherlock you have probably been bombarded with gifs and photos from the show if you’ve been on the internet for the last three years. Although there are only 9 episodes, they quality of the story telling and the visuals are incredible. I have always been a Martin Freeman fan so I may be biased but the rest of the internet seems to feel the same way so give it a chance and try not to get too addicted, with only three episodes a year if you are lucky it can be a long wait.


Broadchurch (Currently 1 season on Netflix)

BroadchurchAs a David Tennant fan I had to give this show a try. He was amazing as The Doctor but this series shows a completely different side to this Scott. This drama shows two cops trying to solve the murder of a young boy in a small town. Who could possibly have committed such a horrible act? Well watch the show and find out. This show is very captivating and it draws you in right away. Complex story line, layered cast, overall an excellent show. Second Season is airing now but the whole first season can be watched on Netflix.





North and South (Mini Series)

north and southAlthough this is technically not a television show, its a miniseries, I still felt like I couldn’t mention my favorite British tv on Netflix without mentioning North and South. Set in the industrial age, this period piece shows class conflicts as a well-to-do lady and her family move to an industrial town and seek to find their place in their new world. This is one of my favorite period pieces on Netflix and its definitely worth the watch.

Torchwood (4 Seasons)

torchwoodI mentioned Doctor Who in the other post and failed to mention the spin off Torchwood. I fell in Love with Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who, this series shows what he is doing when he is not with The Doctor. This show is a lot more adult than Doctor Who so be prepared for some more mature content.


Robin Hood (3 Seasons)

robin hoodThis is a great take on the classic Robin Hood Tale. Lots of familiar British actors in this series and some great love triangles. You will even see a young Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakensheild) playing Sir Guy of Gisborne. For those of you who didn’t notice he’s also the male lead in North and South. Overall, this is a great series and if you’re looking for some action, romance and great costuming this is the show for you.



The IT Crowd (4 Seasons)

the it crowdI am not generally a huge fan of television comedies but I absolutely adore The IT Crowd. This show is adorable and quirky and the characters are hilarious. You will definitely get addicted to this show really quickly and the episodes are short so its a great show to watch if you don’t have the luxury of spending 12 hours in front of the television.

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This has to be my favorite category of shows to watch on Netflix probably because the genre is so vast. Everything from space adventures to vampires and witchcraft it has something for everyone. There have been many sci-fi shows to grace Netflix with their presence but these are just a few of the current shows on Netflix that I think are worthy of a marathon.

Doctor Who (Currently 7 Season on Netflix)

david tennantAny self-respecting sci-fi fan has at least attempted to watch Doctor Who. Whether you like the old version or the new this is a great series that I think everyone would enjoy. The Doctor will wisk you away to far off places or to different times while introducing you to some of the most loveable fictional characters you’ll ever see on tv. Everyone has their favorite Doctor, mine is Ten, have you found yours?



Supernatural (Currently 9 seasons on Netflix)

supernaturalAh yes, Supernatural. This is on top of my binge watching list for several reasons. Not only does it have the classic magical sci-finess that I love but it also has hunky men and bromances. Not to mention 9 seasons long so for those of you who get obsessed with shows, this is a great fit. It’s still on the air and the guys just keep getting cuter.


Buffy (7 Seasons + 5 Seasons of spin off)

buffyBuffy is a classic series that I think everyone should watch at least once, if not more. This show has a great story arch and really well developed characters. If you really enjoy the show there is also a spin off called Angel for some more of the Buffy universe. That show has a slightly different vibe but does take place at the same time of the show, so the characters do cross over unlike many spin offs. If you’re into girls kicking ass and hot vampires, this is the show for you. It’s been off the air for a while but a total of 12 seasons is definitely binge-worthy.


Merlin (5 Seasons)

merlinThis is one of my favorite shows. Who doesn’t like a show about King Arthur and Merlin? This is a unique take on the classic tale of the round table and its done pretty well. Plus if you’ve already watched Buffy you’ll be able to see Giles again and who doesn’t love that? This show is also a bit refreshing in the midst of all the super high tech or teeny bopper vampire shows (not that I don’t like those). Beautiful wardrobe, great story and magic! Who could ask for more? This show has been off air for a while but its not super dated.


Sliders (5 Seasons)

slidersAh yes, this is a classic. The show is a little dated but if you like classic sci-fi like star trek or star gate you will definitely like this show. Sliders will take you to different dimensions, some remarkably similar to the one we live in but many more that are totally new and wonderful. At five seasons this show makes for a great marathon of light scifi fun!


Being Human (5 Seasons UK, 4 Seasons USA)

being humanA vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together may sound like the start of a joke but it actually makes for a great series. This show is unique, however, because it was a British show first and than Americans remade it. I do prefer the British version myself but the American version is also pretty good. Think sci-fi version of the office, the plot is remarkably similar but they both have their own merits and are both definitely worth watching. Both series have since ended leaving us with 5/4 seasons of each to enjoy.





Charmed (8 seasons)

charmedI loved watching Charmed when I was growing up and it is still one of my go to shows when I don’t know what else to watch. The charmed ones graced television for 8 great years and it is still playing on tv so that should tell you something. This show offers fun twists on classic supernatural tales as well as great romances and girl power.


Once Upon a Time (Currently 3 Seasons on Netflix)

once upon a timeOnce upon a time is a good show but I’ll be honest, season 3 wasn’t my favorite. The show has built some great characters and has taken a really interesting take on a lot of our classic fairy tales. The show is still currently on the air so not all of the episodes have made it onto Netflix but you can get the rest of them on hulu. A great show but you’ll have to wait till it comes back on to continue watching which makes it a bitter sweet marathon show.


Vampire Diaries (Currently 5 Seasons on Netflix)

vampire diariesThe man in the picture is really the only reason you need to start watching this show. Damon Salvatore is one of my favorite fictional vampire characters. He is sassy, beautiful and devastatingly misunderstood. This show has its good moments and its moments that aren’t so good but you’ll always have the beautiful man to the left to look forward to plus more good looking men and a fairly interesting story line. This show is one of my guilty pleasures and I just can’t seem to quit it. Currently in its 6th season but the first 5 are on Netflix.


The Walking Dead ( Currently 4 Seasons on Netflix)

the walking deadThe Walking Dead is a great show if you don’t mind a lot of gore and violence. If you do not already know, this show is set in the zombie apocalypse and deals with many of the issues that people might face in a world without morals or proper hygiene. The real reason to watch this show would be the fantastic Norman Reedus who makes a crossbow and greasy hair look way better than they ever should. The show Just finished their 5th season but the first 4 are on Netflix for your binge watching enjoyment.

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