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Does anyone remember when Netflix only allowed you to stream a certain amount of hours of television a month? I do not think I could possibly survive in a world like that anymore. If you are anything like me you have probably spent a few hours, days…. weeks…. (however much time you want to admit) binge watching tv or movies on Netflix. Whether you are just bored or looking for an escape of distraction Netflix is the answer that many of us have been looking for and is always dependable and interesting.

As a chronic binge watcher myself, I know the struggle of looking through the seemingly endless supply of things to watch on Netflix and realizing you’ve basically watched everything you wanted to watch already. Not wanting to go to Hulu and dealing with commercials or paying more for Amazon Prime, it has made me watch shows that I wouldn’t normally seek out on more than one occasion and I have been pleasantly surprised.

For my suggestions on what to watch on Netflix this summer, please visit the links below and reap the benefits of my addiction.

My Favorite Sci-Fi Series.

My Favorite Drama Series.

My Favorite Netflix Originals.

My Favorite British Series.

My Favorite but Unfortunately Cancelled Series.


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June 2nd, 2015 by admin

There is nothing more disappointing than starting a show on Netflix only to realize when you are looking for more episodes that the show has been cancelled. Since I am doing a series of posts on binge watching I thought it only fair to pay homage to those shows that have been cancelled too soon. There have been many great shows that have been cancelled over the years before their time, these are a selection of those that upset me the most and are currently available to watch on Netflix. Although they have been cancelled they are definitely worth the watch anyways. If you have any favorite shows that have been cancelled too soon, please feel free to share!

Firefly (1 Season + 1 Movie)

fireflyIf there has been more outrage for a show that has been cancelled I can’t think of one. Firefly only had one season but the cult following the show now has would make you think that there were many more. The show never really had a fair chance but it did have something that many cancelled shows don’t – a movie to wrap up most of the loose ends. Serenity is the follow up to the show and the entire series is one of my favorites ever created. If you want to know more there is even a documentary about the show called “Done the Impossible”.


Twin Peaks (2 Seasons)

twin-peaksYet another show with a cult following, Twin Peaks is one of the oddest shows I’ve ever seen but is also one of the best. This show was prematurely cancelled as well but new episodes are supposedly in the works showing what happened after the two great seasons of this series. Will they live up to the saga that has already won over so many fans? It is too soon tell but maybe it’ll answer some questions that are still a mystery.


The Paradise (2 Seasons)

the paradiseThis show was a real heart breaker for me. I was so excited when it was uploaded to Netflix that I watched the show without doing any research, low and behold it was cancelled after season 2 because BBC thought it was too similar to Mr. Selfridge. This show is so so so much better and sadly we won’t get any more of Denise and her crazy antics at The Pardise. This is a great period piece and its set in what is supposed to be the first major department store. Give it a try and you won’t regret it if you can get over the heartbreak.


The Secret Circle (1 Season)

the secret circleThe secret circle was a guilty pleasure of mine. Very similar in genre to the Vampire Diaries, this CW show unfortunately did not make it past its first season. Fans tried to bring it back by gathering signatures but unfortunately the cost of the show outweighed the demand. With 22 episodes this is a great show but you are left with some major unanswered questions. Give it a try, it’s still worth it!


Starcrossed (1 Season)

starcrossedAlright, I was really upset by this one. I really liked the concept of this show. I’m a sucker for anything the CW produces (with a few exceptions) but this show was also unfairly slashed. Again petitions were signed with no luck. I blame lack of publicity but whatever the reason, starcrossed is no more. This one is particularly frustrating due to some loose ends but the series was great. I’d still recommend it if you don’t mind a good cliffhanger.

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