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Does anyone remember when Netflix only allowed you to stream a certain amount of hours of television a month? I do not think I could possibly survive in a world like that anymore. If you are anything like me you have probably spent a few hours, days…. weeks…. (however much time you want to admit) binge watching tv or movies on Netflix. Whether you are just bored or looking for an escape of distraction Netflix is the answer that many of us have been looking for and is always dependable and interesting.

As a chronic binge watcher myself, I know the struggle of looking through the seemingly endless supply of things to watch on Netflix and realizing you’ve basically watched everything you wanted to watch already. Not wanting to go to Hulu and dealing with commercials or paying more for Amazon Prime, it has made me watch shows that I wouldn’t normally seek out on more than one occasion and I have been pleasantly surprised.

For my suggestions on what to watch on Netflix this summer, please visit the links below and reap the benefits of my addiction.

My Favorite Sci-Fi Series.

My Favorite Drama Series.

My Favorite Netflix Originals.

My Favorite British Series.

My Favorite but Unfortunately Cancelled Series.


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June 2nd, 2015 by admin

This is my last in a series of what to watch when your binge watching Netflix but I think that it is an important category that wraps up a few of my favorite shows I haven’t talked about yet. I love a good drama series, especially when I’m bored. All of these shows are great at drawing you in and offering some distraction to ordinary life. Here are some of my favorites.

Lost (6 Seasons)

lostIf you have not already seen this show it is incredible. If you can get past the odd things that happen in the first couple of episodes it really is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. In fact every time I rewatch it I catch things I didn’t the first time around so I would recommend giving this show your undivided attention. This show portrays a group of people who survive a plane crash who need to learn how to exist on a mysterious island. If you don’t like the plot you can at least appreciate the beautiful cinematography.


Dexter (8 Seasons)

dexterDexter is one of my favorite shows. He is probably the best looking serial killer that you will ever see on television but he also has a heart of gold…. well, kind of. Dexter is a blood splatter analyst in Miami and he may not have any emotions but he will definitely make you fall in love with him. This show does have a lot of blood as you can probably guess so if you are queasy this may not be the show for you, otherwise tune in and see how he gets away with murder.


Pretty Little Liars (Currently 4 Seasons on Netflix)

pretty little liarsI mentioned a few “guilty pleasures” of mine on this series of posts, here isĀ another. Pretty Little Liars follows a group of girls dealing with the disappearance of one of their best friends. There are a lot of secrets to unravel and a lot of drama to get through but it is painfully enjoyable to watch. This show is just about to start it’s 6th season so it does drag in a few places but overall, its a fun show if you don’t take it too seriously.


The Borgias (3 Seasons)

the borgiasAnother historical drama for this list, I am sort of addicted what can I say. This show definitely gets a little weird and its far from historically accurate but if you can get over that it’s actually quite enjoyable. This was a showtime series and it follows the Borgia family and their quest for power in Rome. If you are not familiar with the Borgia family, prepare to be shocked at the tom-foolery taking place in the Vatican. You may be shocked by this show but you will definitely enjoy it too.


The Tudors (4 Seasons)

the turdorsThe Tudors is actually one of the better versions of King Henry the VIII’s story that I’ve seen. It is another showtime series so obviously you will need to accept a certain suspension of disbelief, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer are fantastic and the show does a really good job capturing the complexity of all of these characters. You’ll even see a young Henry Cavill before his days as the man of steel.

The 100 (1 Season Currently on Netflix)

the 100Although there is only one season of this show on Netflix it is definitely binge worthy. It just finished it’s second season and is doing pretty well. This show takes place after humans essentially destroyed earth. They flock to space for safety but are running out of resources and send a group of 100 teenagers to earth to test if it’s viable or not and chaos ensues. It sounds crazy but trust me, it works. Give it a change and you wont be sorry.

Bates Motel (2 Seasons Currently on Netflix)

Bates-MotelThis show is sort of messed up but what can you expect following the life of Norman Bates, one of the most notorious murders in cinematic history. If you’ve seen psycho and think you know what will happen in the tv series, you are mistaken. This is Norman Bates as a young boy still in high school and it is wonderfully complicated and macabre. The show is currently in its third season so you have plenty of time to catch up!

When Calls the Heart (Currently 1 Season on Netflix)

when-calls-the-heartThis is another new show but it is soon becoming one of my favorites. It is a Hallmark Channel show believe it or not and is currently in its second season. This show portrays a wealthy woman who decides to take the unlikely course of becoming a school teacher in a town full of coal miners. This show actually has a lot of Drama for a period piece and Jack the Mounty is adorably awkward and chivalrous. The wardrobe is also great which is one of my favorite parts about period pieces. Lots of braided hair inspiration!

Reign (Currently 1 Season on Netflix)

reignLike I said, I am a sucker for the CW. This show is all about the life of the young Mary Queen of Scotts, particularly her time spent at French Court. Now I am not going to lie, I am not particularly fond of who they cast as Francis but that aside this is a really fun show to watch. It’s also one of the few shows that actually acknowledge their historical inaccuracies saying things like, “this will never be remembered in the history books” which I find very amusing.


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