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June 11th, 2015 by admin

I absolutely love glitter, especially in my makeup. If I could wear bold glitter makeup every single day I would but I am just way too lazy for that. Generally speaking, glittery makeup is extremely high maintenance. With constant flaking and and smearing, it can be a really big mess and I just don’t have time to reapply my makeup every time I go to the bathroom but now all of that has changed.

I was recently at the American Beauty Show in Chicago and while I was there I found a miracle product. Eye Kandy not only has 60 colors of glitter to chose from, but they also have invented a glitter base that basically makes the glitter unsmudgeable and keeps it from flaking all day. It’s called “Liquid Sugar” and it’s just about the best cosmetic invention that I’ve ever seen. Watch the short clip below for an example of this amazing base!



The shades shown above are (Left) Sizzlin’ Cinnamon (Middle) Caramel Apple and (Right) Confetti but you can see and purchase all of their products here and learn more about their other products here.

eye kandyLiquid Sugar is $22.00 so it’s about average price for a primer but it will last you a very very long time. You only really need a drop or two for it to work. Simple dip your applicator brush in the primer, than dip it into the glitter and apply! It’s that easy. The glitter is less than $8.00 and will also last you a while (depending on how much you use) so overall the products are very affordable.

The Eye Kandy “sprinkles” as they call them are all pure cosmetic glitter so it is safe to use on your eyes and lips. I’ve even seen people glitter their eyebrows with the stuff and it always stays put! Eye Kandy Cosmetics has a range of products that aren’t glitter as well like eye shadow and mascara but I haven’t tried these yet.

This product is a must have for all glitter fanatics and would be great for dance teams and performers who need sturdier make up that won’t get messed up so easily. I would recommend it everyone and I definitely plan to buy more shades myself.

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