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AlthIf you are looking to binge watch any British television on Netflix these are some of my favorites that I did not previously mention in the Sci-fi post here.

Sherlock (Currently 3 Seasons on Netflix)

sherlockIf you haven’t already seen Sherlock you have probably been bombarded with gifs and photos from the show if you’ve been on the internet for the last three years. Although there are only 9 episodes, they quality of the story telling and the visuals are incredible. I have always been a Martin Freeman fan so I may be biased but the rest of the internet seems to feel the same way so give it a chance and try not to get too addicted, with only three episodes a year if you are lucky it can be a long wait.


Broadchurch (Currently 1 season on Netflix)

BroadchurchAs a David Tennant fan I had to give this show a try. He was amazing as The Doctor but this series shows a completely different side to this Scott. This drama shows two cops trying to solve the murder of a young boy in a small town. Who could possibly have committed such a horrible act? Well watch the show and find out. This show is very captivating and it draws you in right away. Complex story line, layered cast, overall an excellent show. Second Season is airing now but the whole first season can be watched on Netflix.





North and South (Mini Series)

north and southAlthough this is technically not a television show, its a miniseries, I still felt like I couldn’t mention my favorite British tv on Netflix without mentioning North and South. Set in the industrial age, this period piece shows class conflicts as a well-to-do lady and her family move to an industrial town and seek to find their place in their new world. This is one of my favorite period pieces on Netflix and its definitely worth the watch.

Torchwood (4 Seasons)

torchwoodI mentioned Doctor Who in the other post and failed to mention the spin off Torchwood. I fell in Love with Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who, this series shows what he is doing when he is not with The Doctor. This show is a lot more adult than Doctor Who so be prepared for some more mature content.


Robin Hood (3 Seasons)

robin hoodThis is a great take on the classic Robin Hood Tale. Lots of familiar British actors in this series and some great love triangles. You will even see a young Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakensheild) playing Sir Guy of Gisborne. For those of you who didn’t notice he’s also the male lead in North and South. Overall, this is a great series and if you’re looking for some action, romance and great costuming this is the show for you.



The IT Crowd (4 Seasons)

the it crowdI am not generally a huge fan of television comedies but I absolutely adore The IT Crowd. This show is adorable and quirky and the characters are hilarious. You will definitely get addicted to this show really quickly and the episodes are short so its a great show to watch if you don’t have the luxury of spending 12 hours in front of the television.

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